So where is my dream? It is a continuation of reality. But where is my reality? It is at the end of your dream.
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all i can say is that this is crazy — thank you so much for the support over the past few months~! i promise more edits are on the way. can you believe i’m only on episode 8 but i’ve made more than 300 screencaps?! me neither, man.

stay tuned for more updates coming your way, and thank you thank you thank you!

so, in an interesting turn of events, i’m suddenly doing a lot more gif editing and artwork in gimp these days, which is something i never thought i would get around to doing! unfortunately, i haven’t been making as many edits for justngethings, and i’m so sorry for that! but never fear — edits are coming soon!

and, i finally started reading the nge manga, which means incorrect nge manga edits are probably going to start appearing pretty soon…

in the meantime, though, please imagine gendo ikari rapping bound 2 with your choice of character as kim kardashian.


g-ikari bout to drop some sick beats